What is happening in you now? A direct path to your potential, power, longings. Doesn´t it sound exciting and simple at the same time? As I discovered it for myself through Zen Coaching I knew I wanted to share it with people who look for it. Now I love to support this encounter with your essence in sessions and workshops.



A possibility to stop, check, clarify, experience what is really inside you, what your needs are. Then, it is easier to reach out for them.


I can keep you company, assist you in this space, where you can face your difficulties instead of avoiding them.


My strengths are slowing down and breathing, combined with genuine curiosity and ability to deeply reflect about where you are. It makes the inquiry process light and powerful at the same time. I offer pure fascination with the moment as it is.

What for? Because there you may discover real treasures! What you don´t want to see becomes portals to your inner being, to your peace and wisdom.



1. SESSIONS: 1 hour to enjoy your NOW, to «squeeze» it with all your senses and stay with the essence. Your essence.

And if you consider it is helpful you can continue up to 5 or 10 hours to complete the process. Good effects are possible both in face-to-face as well as on-line meetings.


A wise option which some clients choose is to have long term regular sessions e.g. for one year every 2 weeks. This way you keep a good track of your personal growth. I provide you company, awareness, holding space, tools for your «checking points».

Price: 50-70 €/hour (check for Poland)

Language: English, Spanish, Polish

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«I don´t know. I´m lost. What do I want? My relationships are failing. I need a change. My life doesnt´t make sense. What´s going on with me? I fell unhappy. I´m fed up.»


«I feel so strong and inspired! I want to enjoy it. I´d like to check where my real potential is. How can I contribute to life?»

depression, shame, guilt, fear, loneliness, worthlessness and other challenging emotions.

You can bring the topic with you (a doubt, questions, worry, problem) or we can explore in a session what is alive now and check what´s the most supportive to work on now.

About me

If I stay present, if I really (but REALLY) stay curious about what is happening, then I make the most of every moment, I <squeeze> it, like I squeeze a lemon. I can´t then avoid its fragrance, taste, juicy texture… I am totally in it. I am born again and again, ready for new opportunities. With a new, creative, curious vision of what there is now, of Life right now.


When some years ago I got to know ZenCoaching I knew that I wanted to share what its spirit offers:


  1. Lightness and depth.
  2. Joy and responsibility.
  3. Clarity and easiness.
  4. Growth and constant contact with the source.


Becoming a certified coach was a fascinating process which has opened me for so many new possibilities in life, for a broad experience of myself, my emotions, my body, my mind, my soul and my heart. And now I have the opportunity to keep company to those who are in a similar moment of transition. What a power and joy!


ZenCoaching has been my quiet passion since not so long ago. And at the same tiem I have the impression that most of my life I have been preparing myself for this journey in all I did:


  • My studies:
    • Special Education (University, master)
    • Spanish Filology (University, master)
    • Languages studies
  • My jobs:
    • Logistics Companies
    • Mercedes Benz Plant
    • Numbers of projects (as a leader or consultant)
    • Jewellery designer and maker
  • My hobbies:
    • Painting
    • Crafts
    • Everyday dipping into cold water (Swedish lakes can be quite challenging in winter or spring!)
    • Meditation
    • Bicycle
  • Sports:
    • Yoga
    • Volleyball
    • Tenis
    • Swimming
  • Family and Friends:
    • Is there a better way to “practice” a conscientious life?
  • Fascinations:
    • Creativity
    • Clarity
    • Order
    • Cusiosity
    • Projects
    • Heartleft conversations
  • Values
    • Meaningfulness
    • Love
    • Reflection
    • Courage
    • Truth


Your awareness and attention is very high: I feel I am listened to. You introduce closeness in the atmosphere and it easily becomes a common space between you and me. I know the I can open myself, I am safe with you and totally free. I am shocked that you can work so deeply through Skype! I feel seen and heard because you react to important signs that are happening in me. You have shown me the "here and now" and that all the answers are in me. This has been so beatiful to me. This in not a coaching I know. You have given it lightness adn freedom. You did not expect or pushed me to anything. Whatever I have brought here was good. It has empowered me to believe that I am the one who knows. I had say you have been "leke water": you are there but it is like if you were not.


    Extraordinary holding space where you were present and aware. I felt heard, seen and that you were totally for me. No pushing nor rushing in time. I received what I needed without yyou expecting to happen anything. Deepening into the essence: you transmitted the energy that the client was missing (calm, security, enjoy-ment) and so I felt attracted to follow this invitation and try something different that I was in. High level energetic coaching. And your pearl: your trust in the client, the process, the essence. This in the most important for me in ZenCoaching



      “Zen Coaching is an approach to coaching, and also a path of conscious, creative living. It provides simple and very powerful insights and tools to support ourselves and others in coming home to live our true nature.


      Zen Coaching supports the recognition of our inherent strenght, peace and wholeness. It helps us express our individuality more fully in daily living. It fosters a sense of adventure, wonder and discovery on life – including a curiosity about our problems and challenging emotions. It supports deeper, more authentic and more loving connection with ourselves and others.”


      Kare Landfald

      founder of Zen Coaching


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